ещё об Устаде Али-Нур Элохи (Илахи)

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* his music has been described by Lord Menuhin as "remarkably intense and sensitive, yet precise and pure"

* Maurice Béjart:
Through his music, I received a teaching.

...Master Elahi was an extraordinary musician. He never played in public, nor did he ever make any public recordings…. He played for me and it really opened up something within me. It is through music that I have understood…. He did not speak French and I did not speak Farsi. He played some music … and I cannot put into words what I experienced or felt … it was a great change in my life, my existence, and my thought.

...he told me: “If you need me, we will always be in contact. Ask me a question on any subject, and I will answer you.” A few years later, I was asked to do the Florentine Musical Mef, a ballet on the triumphs of Petrarch. But I didn’t like the word “triumph.” I didn’t know Petrarch very well and to tell you the truth, I didn’t feel like doing it. I had to give my answer that same night. I went to the Luxembourg Gardens and sat down. There, I mentally asked my master the following question: “Should I really do this ballet on the triumphs of Petrarch, because I don’t see myself doing it at all. What should I do?” Then I just stayed there. Suddenly, a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time passed by and suggested we go to the Gustave Moreau museum. I like this museum very much. I had even produced a documentary on Gustave Moreau for television and knew the curator very well. So I said, “Let’s go!” We arrived at the Gustave Moreau museum. The curator said, “I haven’t seen you in a long time. I have a surprise for you: there is a painting that has been under restoration and has not been displayed for quite some time. It has just come back to the museum. You must see it; come upstairs with me…” So we walked up to the first floor and he said to me: “Look! It is the triumphs of Petrarch.”

* Vie et œuvre d'Ostad Elahi /French, 1995 /A film produced by Marion Sarraut

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