китайские истории

In ancient China, it is said that a small village existed at the bottom of a hill. Every year, its people suffered great problems during winters. When it snowed the people were restricted to their homes. When it rained, their houses were flooded. Sun-light was limited to noon time only. One day a wise man called the people of the village and suggested that they should all migrate to a better venue. The entire village agreed and started moving, except one man, who had a small family of one wife and two sons. The village elder asked him about his reservation. The man said, why should I move, why shouldn’t the mountain move. The village elder tried to educate him that the mountains do not move, because they do not have feet. Only people move, because they can. But the man was adamant, he said, no, the Mountain shall move and I will make it move.

The wise man asked him, how. He said, Look, the mountain is one and alone. I have two sons. Together three of us will dig this mountain out of its present place. In due course the mountain will deplete, while our generations will multiply. People laughed at him and started vacating the place.

As his sons grew, the man brought three picks one day and started digging the mountain. People would pass that road and would laugh at them. But then there was a day, when five generations later, they had carved the mountain for their convenience and created in it, a valley through which the sun would shine at them during the winter, snow would not restrict them to their house any more and rainfall would not flood his house.