опять любимый день: пятница

Сегодня годовщина Чёрного Четверга 1929 - мы уж привыкли, кажется, ко всем дням недели в таком освещении. Der Kampf gegen die Hochfinanz (The Struggle Against Globalism) by G. Feder (1933): "A number of economists have drawn parallells between the crises of 80 years ago and those of today."

В начале месяца был суд над одним из героев 1968, вот цитата из ответного слова:
The Mahler Trial in Potsdam -- First Day
"The disarming of the German Reich was nothing but the necessary condition for realization of the goal of permanently subjugating and occupying Germany. Even following the decimation of the German nation by around 20,000,000 Germans, mostly killed after the War was over, the annihilation of the German nation as desired by its enemies was still not complete. The war continued and was carried on in the form of psychological warfare following unconditional capitulation of the Wehrmacht... Our enemies then proceeded to the "cultural and intellectual annihilation of the German nation."

* 1929, "Black Thursday" stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange
* 1945, founding of the United Nations
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вероятно, выявлен объект принципиально нового типа. Фундаментальные положения современной космологии и астрофизики могут подвергнуться глубокой ревизии.