January 2008


сегодня вечером наступает новый 1429 лунный год по Хиджре

от подведения итогов ушедшего 2007 я воздержался, но запомнился он смертями близких и событиями, так или иначе связанными с кинематографом. Удивительное открытие было сделано под НГ: Twinkling in the sky is a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats <...> Our Sun will become a diamond that truly is forever
одна из последних смертей - Александр Михайлов (ех-Платина), некогда открывший мне мир холодного оружия и его мастеров
в Москве запустили 175-ю ст. метро ("Строгино") и чуть ранее (29.12) "Сретенский бульвар"...
в 2008 в рунете видимо разгорится война яндекса с гугли (немного в тему: CEO Arrested, Jailed: Accused of Foreclosure Scam) / вообще же 2007 не зря назван the Year of Social Media... вот например http://jokesland.net.ru/sokamer.html
* first person to be convicted of "preparing for terrorism"
* CIA-ISI Created “Al Qaeda Network”
* U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan
* Reviewing F. William Engdahl's Seeds of Destruction
* Can H.R. 1955 be used to silence the voices of dissent?
ещё ссылки по Беназир:
* Anglo-American Ambitions behind the Assassination of Benazir
* Doctors Cite Pressure to Keep Silent On Bhutto

ещё о Пакистане

хотя пако-китайские отношения теперь будут чрезвычайно важны, взглянем немного на индо-пакистанские, а точнее, на народные мнения по поводу отцов-основателей (из сети):

* "Pakistan’s Transition from Shia to Sunni Leadership

* One Muhammad Ali Jinnah makes the difference and attracts the masses with his sincerity, despite the fact that all those Ulemas who today claim that Pakistan was created for Islam, opposed him.

In the 1946 election, when All India Muslim League achieved resounding victory in all Muslim majority areas of undivided India, the leaders of Jamiat-e Ulama-e Hind, came to see Mr. Jinnah, only to inform him, that they will not vote for the League, because they considered Mr. Jinnah as an Ismaili and believed that an Ismaili can not introduce true Islam if he gained the authority.

Mr. Jinnah asked them that in the forthcoming elections, whom would they support. With one voice, they responded, Congress. Mr. Jinnah said, "you have a right to vote, whomever you please.” I do not consider myself a Shia or Ismaili; I call myself a Muslim in the true Faith of Prophet Muhammad. But I am amazed that you feel that Gandhi will introduce true Islam for you in India!

* Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on December 25, 1876. His father Jinnah Poonja was an Ismaili Khoja of Kathiawar, a prosperous business community. Muhammad Ali received his early education at the Sindh Madrasa and later at the Mission School, Karachi. He went to England for further studies in 1892 at the age of 16. In 1896, Jinnah qualified for the Bar and was called to the Bar in 1897.

* Both Ali Jinnah and Alama Iqbal were 'Lohoris'. Yes Jinnah's family were a mixture of Ismailis and 'Lahori's. A Lahori is a 'Khadiani' who dosn't believe that Mirza Ghulam Khadiani was the 'last prophet' but that 'Mirza' was the chosen one, or the Mahdi, another sect believe that he was like 'a rightly guided caliph'-to which most of the 'Lahori's belong.

Those who are asking so! We were duped by the British that is what. They duped us right from the start. The real founder of Pakistan was Chaudri Rehmat Ali. Who was not allowed to go to Pakistan, had all his wealth confiscated and threatened with execution. Strange how he never gets mentioned.

* His ideas were too grandiose and too impractical. During the time he wasn't even in Pakistan, he was at Cambridge and he stayed there even after the creation of Pakistan. Compared to Jinnah he was Mickey mouse.

It must hurt to know that the so-called founder of Pakistan was a 'Lahori Marzai'. Yup another 50 years of secular rule by the likes of Musharraf, Nawaaz, Benazir and her children.

We are onto a winner fellas. The secular fundamentalists know it all and how hot the fire of hell will be.

* I have great respect for Jinnah. However it is true that he use to drink and eat ham. But heh he is not the only one, Bhutto use to drink. Yahya k-han was drinking and getting service from prostitutes while the 71 war was going on. This is the reality even if we like it or not.

* Regardless of what his sect was, Jinnah himself was not religious by any means, and for almost half his political career he never overtly identified himself with any religion. Many prominent Hindus including, Gandhi himself hadnt realized he was Muslim until much later; as he was only known as Jinnah. For many years, upto the 20's, he believed in united India, he entertained no other ideas, as he was extremely patriotic to British India, and would dismiss any suggestions for separation.

When he had left India, and was practising in England in the early 1920s, a group of muslim students approached him to take up the Muslim cause, and he angrily told them that had he thought they were not young ignorant students, he would have asked them to leave. However, the attitude of discrimination among Hindus for Muslims, the role that Gandhi played in politics, introducing religious slogans, emotive issues, and hindu symbolism in politics, was a huge turn off for Jinnah. He realized that Hindus had other plans in mind, ie, they were distinguishing and discriminating themselves from Muslims, and considering Muslims as the 'them', the 'foreigners', the 'outsiders'. A slow but sure transformation occurred within Jinnah, he adopted the same popular tactics that Gandhi was doing with Hindus, political tactics which he had abhorred earlier. Gandhi upset with this, told Jinnah in a meeting, that "Mr Jinnah you have mesmerized the Muslims", to which Jinnah replied, "Mr. Gandhi you have hyptonized the Hindus"

* Look what happend in Gujrat, the Hindus massacared 4,000 Muslims in riots in a few days!! All I have to do is to look at the conditions of Indian Muslims and I thank the All Mighty Allah for giving us our homeland of Pakistan. So next time when you come to this board think about the sacrifices of the Father of the Nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah before you write some foolish crap on the board

* Iqbal was not a lahori although it is true that there was a stage in his life that he like many of the other educated contemporary muslims had been very impressed with Ghulam Ahmed Qadian.He later became one of the foremost opponents and staunch critic of GAQ the Liar. Read some of iqbal's later poetry, especially "Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shoora" to get a glimpse of Iqbal's view and opinion of the Liar.Iqbal was once asked about his devotion to The Liar and then his volte face.To this iqbal had responded that only stones don't change.Iqbal was also one the first to regard Qadianis as non muslims.Please do some research. As for Jinnah's being a Lahori,kindly explain why the qadiani cabinet members of Jinnah chose not pray his Janaza."

китайские истории

In ancient China, it is said that a small village existed at the bottom of a hill. Every year, its people suffered great problems during winters. When it snowed the people were restricted to their homes. When it rained, their houses were flooded. Sun-light was limited to noon time only. One day a wise man called the people of the village and suggested that they should all migrate to a better venue. The entire village agreed and started moving, except one man, who had a small family of one wife and two sons. The village elder asked him about his reservation. The man said, why should I move, why shouldn’t the mountain move. The village elder tried to educate him that the mountains do not move, because they do not have feet. Only people move, because they can. But the man was adamant, he said, no, the Mountain shall move and I will make it move.

The wise man asked him, how. He said, Look, the mountain is one and alone. I have two sons. Together three of us will dig this mountain out of its present place. In due course the mountain will deplete, while our generations will multiply. People laughed at him and started vacating the place.

As his sons grew, the man brought three picks one day and started digging the mountain. People would pass that road and would laugh at them. But then there was a day, when five generations later, they had carved the mountain for their convenience and created in it, a valley through which the sun would shine at them during the winter, snow would not restrict them to their house any more and rainfall would not flood his house.



сегодня умер Абдулов - госпитализирован был в авг. в Крыму, рак. На сцену 1й раз вышел в Фергане (отец - создатель в 1932 1-го в Ср. Азии русского драм-го театра, улица в Ф.); хоронят на Ваганьковском. Не узнал, когда зк школу - мб и в 1968..

последний немецкий ветеран IWW

1-го в доме престарелых в Кельне умер последний немецкий ветеран IWW, сообщили намного позже и без шума, как в случае с французом